Course Work Report.
We have a number of branches down. And a blocked pipe between 11 & 9 which is solid and hard work in clearing.

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Colin and the team have been hard at it this week improving the drainage of the bunkers and walking areas near the 2nd green. They have discovered an old land drain which has been rodded and have added new drainage from the rear of the green and improved the drains in the bunkers. The hollow on the left of the left hand bunker has been smoothed to help stop water collecting there. A new drain across the front of the green should be completed next week and will hopefully improve the wet patch on the approach to the green which has been evident in recent years.

The annual Work now well completed removing bunker on 6th hole following health & safety advice after complaints from residents living adjacent to the course. Work to improve the drainage of the green, greenside bunkers and surrounds currently underway. Whilst in the area the fairway bunker on the 8th will be re furbished and new drainage laid. Also reminder that we now have the option of playing off mats on fairways or moving the ball to the semi rough.

The Sixth Hole work in progress.

Report For Scarborough North Cliff Golf Club Newsletter 10th October 2017

The winter season is sadly upon us and with it has come preferred lies. To help minimise any damage I would ask that those using trolleys and personal buggies avoid wet areas and keep away from the perimeter of greens.

The hollow coring of greens was delayed until the major club competitions were concluded but the first phase of this ‘necessary evil’ is complete. A second application of sand has also been applied and further (smaller) spiking will take place in the coming weeks.

As part of their work to install a sewage pipe Yorkshire Water have begun constructing a new road at the rear of the greenkeeper sheds. The road will be of benefit to the greens staff in the future. YW are also busy constructing several inspection pits. Once complete there may be a pause until they are ready to start the drilling. Members and visitors will be informed whenever temporary tees and greens are in operation. Please take care and shout fore if a ball looks to be heading in the direction of the works area.

Following advice received from a H&S consultant the first part of the winter programme will be the removal of the right hand of the two fairway bunkers on the left of the 6th hole and to re-instate it as fairway. The right side of the fairway will also be moved to the left at this point. Whilst in the area it is also intended that we will improve the drainage of standing water to the right of 6th green and the drainage of bunkers on the 6th green and 8th fairway.

Repairing Pitch Marks

Repairing Pitch Marks