Club Officials

Dave Ellard
John Titley

Richard Boddington
Vice Captain
John Holborn

Lady Captain :
Gloria Murgatroyd
Lady Vice Captain

Janet Hall

Committe Member Responsibilities ...

Finance and
General Purposes
John Holborn (Chair)
Eleanor Paterson
Tony Quinn

Eleanor Paterson (Chair)
Gloria Murgatroyd
Marilyn Rennard
Dave Butterfield
Brian Witty

Tony Quinn (Chair)
Tony Chapman
Nigel Hird
Brian Witty

Handicaps and Competitions
Dave Butterfield (Chair),
Alan Richardson
Nigel Hird
Dave Holborn
Tony Chapman

Dave Ellard (Chair)
Dave Holborn
Marilyn Rennard

Juniors Section
Nigel Hird  

Members Social Media Policy
NCGC Discplinary Procedure

The Club Pro


The club pro Fraser Kelly comes from a strong playing background, which has given him access to some of the best instructors in the game. This knowledge has allowed him to develop his own style of coaching, which is suited to all standards of golfers.

Fraser is a qualified PGA Teaching Professional and has an excellent reputation for coaching both beginners and experienced players.

Minutes of Meetings

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PLEASE contact Secretary Joanne Duck Tel: 01723 355397 or E-Mail:

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The club have been able to minimise the increase in subscription levels by continuing to reduce expenditure and, at the same time, work to keep revenue levels as high as possible despite this increasingly difficult economic period.

The club is continuing to drive for new members ( * don’t forget that you can earn £50 bar credit by proposing a new member ).
Contact Secretary’s office for application forms and details.