This video takes you through making a booking from the club website. Click here to play the video
BRS booking system

To view the fixture bookings members need to login to the booking system.

Once logged in you can view bookings. See Fig 1.


Fig 1


Select [ Go To Timesheet ] to display more detailed bookings page. See Fig 2


Fig 2

For more details of bookings click on the Calendar Icon to activate the selected month drop down menu. See Fig 3


Fig 3

To view availability for a different day, click the month or day tabs in the navigation table. See Fig 4


Fig 4

Selection of the month tab displays the months fixtures, See Fig 5,



Fig 5

For specific details select the day you require information for e.g 24th May
This diaplays details for that day. See Fig 6



Fig 6

The above selection displays the Seniors Open Day Tee Times.